Shahrasb villa & farm


Responsibility: design and construction

Project location: Ziar village, Isfahan, Iran

Completion Year: 2014

Gross Built Area:  200 sqm

Structural Engineering: Green Volume Group

Mechanical Engineering:  Iman Emami

Electrical Engineering:  Yavar Sadeghkish

Photographer:     Farshid Nasrabadi

Farm and Horse breeding center of Shahrasb located in the east desert of Isfahan. In this project, due to the access simple designing and environment potential, try to use passive energy atmosphere worthies. There are some important cases related to constructed passive functions: – The use of thick masonry walls to create high delay time to adjust day and night temperature differences – Providing natural ventilation and evaporation cooling because of low relative humidity – Preventing excessive thermal sun’s radiation with low openings in south facade – The use of vernacular materials and local workers to construct – East-west elongation to maximize south facade of building – Using the thermal mass of soil in the north of building – Locating spaces regard to east-west winds

2013, Built, Isfahan, Residential & Villa


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